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View the area around Camping Lilly Pineta in Marina di Massa with these hiking, biking, minivan and boat tours and activities.

By Minivan

To get to know the area in comfort and safety

Michelangelo for a day, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Michelangelo for a day

Duration in hours 3

Have fun with your family or friends sculpting your marble piece with a hammer, chisel and the help of a marble craftsman. At the end, go home with your own small handmade marble sculpture.

4×4 tour to the marble quarries, Lilly Pineta Campsite

4×4 tour to the marble quarries

Duration in hours 3

If you come to Carrara, one of the best experiences is a tour to the top of the marble mountains. Experienced guides will take you up to an altitude of 1,000 metres to admire the breathtaking scenery and watch the marble quarries up close. Afterwards, you will enjoy a taste of Lardo di Colonnata with focaccia.

Quarryman's snack, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Quarryman's snack

Duration in hours 2,5

Visit Colonnata: breathtaking views of the marble quarries, charming church with a beautiful monument telling the story of marble quarrying. Snack good for any time of day, lunch, afternoon, dinner. Local cheeses, Colonnata lard, capocollo, salami, pork fillet, focaccia and dessert will be served. Possibility of purchasing vacuum-packed lard in local shops.

By bike

To rediscover the beauty of "going slow" and enjoy the landscape without hurry

Cinque Terre, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Cinque Terre

Duration in hours 3,5

Bike tour along the breathtaking routes of the 5 Terre National Park. Visit several villages and stop for a food and wine tasting.

E-bike marble itinerary, Lilly Pineta Campsite

E-bike marble itinerary

Duration in hours 3,5

Pedal surrounded by imposing marble mountains, Michelangelo's favourite place to find his favourite white marble.

Portofino and the Italian Riviera, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Portofino and the Italian Riviera

Duration in hours 3

Ride in relaxation along the winding roads from Portofino to Camogli, Santa Margherita, stop at scenic spots or choose to cycle in the Portofino Natural Park.

On Foot

Walking is the best way to admire the artistic and natural beauty, and enjoy the area

Wine tasting Colli di Luni, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Wine tasting Colli di Luni

Duration in hours 3,5

Colli di Luni are located a few kilometres west of Carrara and offer an excellent production of white and red wines, the flavours of our territory. The guided tour of the museum cellar is followed by a wine tasting accompanied by samples of local specialities.

Cinque Terre: Wine Tour, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Cinque Terre: Wine Tour

Duration in hours 3.5

Day trip to discover the wine of the 5 Terre: Volastra, Manarola, Monterosso A different itinerary in the 5 Lands, something new dedicated to those who wish to get to know the area through the history of wine production, the only local industry for 1,000 years.

Trekking to the Mural of Kobra, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Trekking to the Mural of Kobra

Duration in hours 3.5

Colonnata - Trekking to the Mural of Kobra The hike begins and ends in Colonnata, the oldest quarrymen's village. It is a challenging walk to the Kobra Mural. A huge fresco of the face of Michelangelo's David, depicted on the side of the marble mountain.

On a boat

To see the world through the eyes of "sea people"

5 Lands in Water Taxi, Lilly Pineta Campsite

5 Lands in Water Taxi

Duration in hours 3

See all the Cinque Terre as seen from the sea, without queuing with private boat and local skipper. Stop for swimming, disembark at Vernazza and snack with Ligurian focaccia.

Boat trip in the Gulf of Poets, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Boat trip in the Gulf of Poets

Duration in hours 5

Boat trip with visit to mussel and oyster farming facilities in the Gulf of Poets. Stop for swimming and lunch on board.

Aperitif on the boat in Portovenere, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Aperitif on the boat in Portovenere

Duration in hours 4,5

Sunset boat trip in the beautiful setting of the Portovenere archipelago. Stop for swimming and aperitif on board based on typical local products.

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