Places to visit

Lilly Pineta Camping Holiday Park is strategically located, very close to many points of interest and beautiful cities of art.

Florence, Lilly Pineta Campsite


Distance 120 Km.

Home of Italy's greatest artworks, the manifesto city of Renaissance art and architecture.

Pisa, Lilly Pineta Campsite


Distance 49 Km.

Located in the north of Tuscany, popular for its famous leaning tower.

Lucca, Lilly Pineta Campsite


Distance 50 Km.

Characterized by cobblestone streets and the Renaissance walls of the historic center.

Siena, Lilly Pineta Campsite


Distance 190 Km.

Known for its medieval brick buildings and fan-shaped central square.

San Gimignano, Lilly Pineta Campsite

San Gimignano

Distance 129 Km.

Hilly town with a rustic historic center due to the houses and medieval towers.

Five Lands, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Five Lands

Distance 52 Km.

Charming fishing villages famous for typical trattorias and distinctive colorful houses.

Massa, Lilly Pineta Campsite


Distance 7 Km.

City rich in history that distinguished itself by reaching its peak in the Middle Ages.

Carrara Marble Quarries, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Carrara Marble Quarries

Distance 10 Km.

Territory with mesmerizing landscapes, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2015.

Versilia, Lilly Pineta Campsite


Distance 15 Km.

Attraction chosen by many tourists for the vast sandy coastline and social life.

Viareggio, Lilly Pineta Campsite


Distance 20 Km.

City known for its dedication and culture for carnival with numerous dedicated museums.

Forte dei Marmi, Lilly Pineta Campsite

Forte dei Marmi

Distance 10 Km.

Maritime and resort town located on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Pietrasanta, Lilly Pineta Campsite


Distance 15 Km.

Pretty town known for the characteristic background offered by the Apuan Alps.

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